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Kitten Bowl 2018 watch

Kitten Bowl 2018 Live Stream Online,The Kitten Bowl is here in Minneapolis and it’s already proving to be the purr-fect event for any cat lover Live Stream.

Kitten Bowl 2018 watch LIVE

As the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles prepare for the kickoff of Super Bowl LII, a fifth generation of displaced kittens will vie for forever homes in Kitten Bowl V.

This year’s iteration features dozens of displaced kittens with names such as J.J. Swatts and Jason Kitten who were rescued from the host of recent natural disasters.

Based on past tussles, the four-footed athletes will engage in teeth-baring collisions on the tiny gridiron in pursuit of little plastic footballs as commentators debate what exactly constitutes a catch.

The Hallmark Channel will broadcast Kitten Bowl V this Su-purr Bowl Sunday. They’ve already filmed the game and those kittens have been adopted. However, it’s the first year the Kitten Bowl has become a live attraction during the week of the Super Bowl. Every kitten is available for adoption.

Located in the Dayton’s Project building on Nicollet Mall, there are three different scenes on display: The football field, the purr-king lot for tailgating and the locker room.

The purr-king lot includes a mini Stone Arch Bridge and a mice cream truck. The locker room has names displayed on the cubbies such as Brett Furve and Mew Brees.

“They’re just so playful. I just want to cuddle all of them,” said Kassandra Vilchis of Minneapolis.

More than 50 kittens are a part of the live attraction. So far, more than 100 applications have been submitted requesting to adopt those kittens. There are also nine cats with Minneapolis Animal Care and Control up for adoption and there have been 30 applications on those nine cats.

North Shore Animal League America is the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. Since the first Kitten Bowl, they have helped more than 13,000 cats find homes through Kitten Bowl parties the weekend of the Super Bowl.

“A lot of these kittens that we’re using in this year’s Kitten Bowl were actually rescued from Hurricane Irma. North Shore Animal League America and myself included… I went down to Florida. We ended up taking back over 100 cats and kittens because they were just displaced by the hurricane,” said Matthew Carroll, associate director with North Shore Animal League America.

“My husband is an official play-by-play announcer for the Kitten Bowl so that’s big stuff and really excited to be able to promote not just this show but the awareness of what’s happening with kittens across the country. It’s so important. So very important to make sure these kitties get homes,” said actress Holly Robinson Peete.

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